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Aspectarians 2006 - 2023

Aspectarian for Specific Dates (2012 - 2023)

Aspect Search
Lists all instances of a chosen outer planet aspect from 1600 - 2099. Searches for aspects between named Centaurs and TNOs, Uranian and Galactic points, and Saturn to Pluto.

Lists aspects between classical and minor planets for given date and time.

Minor planet charts.

Eclipse and occultation data.

List All
Creates a searchable list of the positions of all 24,446 named asteroids, in zodiac order, for a given date and time.

This lists the Moon phases and/or the New and Full Moons for any given year.

Up to 300 "Additional Objects" on Ephemeris, Aspects, Charts, and Synastry pages

Next Ten Days
Aspectarian for next ten days.

Random Chart

Random Minor Planet

Save chart data.

View your saved chart data.

Synastry / Transits

"Thousand Asteroids" option on ephemeris page

Aspectarian for tomorrow.

Transit Finder
Lists a body's transits to a given chart position over a maximum of 85 years.

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