Astrology: Ephemeris, Charts, Aspectarians, Eclipse Data

Astrological Ephemeris
Gives positions of major planets, named Centaurs and TNOs, 50 asteroids, Uranian points, Galactic Center and Great Attractor for a given date and time.

Astrology Charts
An attempt to get all of the points onto a chart.

Lists major aspects within one degree between all the bodies above, for a given date and time.

Eclipse Finder / Occultation Finder
Lists solar eclipses, lunar eclipses and occultations of major planets for chosen years (1201 - 2399).

Colour Tools
Nothing to do with astrology, just some colour tools I enjoyed writing:
Colour Scheme Calculator
HSL/RGB/Hex Converter
How to Calculate a Complementary Colour

Tarot Spreads
Generates some traditional spreads with randomly chosen cards, or you can use the card picker to pick your own.