You can contact me at this address: serennu48 [at] gmail [dot] com

If you're waiting for a reply, please note I'm on UK time, which is currently 10:41 pm Sunday.

Thank you,


1. I'm a subscriber and have not received a reply / am waiting for login details

I always try to respond to subscribers within 12 hours, usually much quicker during UK business hours. Please check your spam/junk folders as this is usually the problem. Otherwise, please try emailing me again, and/or leave a comment on the blog, to let me know email isn't working. Please don't hesitate to follow up, I don't intend to keep you waiting.

2. My login details don't work.

The username and password are both case-sensitive and need to be entered exactly as shown. A common problem is starting the username with an uppercase letter when it should be lowercase (some devices try to make the first letter of everything uppercase). You can also try copying and pasting to make sure they're entered correctly. Please do email me for help if this doesn't solve it.

3. What is the subscription price in U.S. Dollars?

Obviously the exchange rate fluctuates. The prices are in British Pounds (GBP). The easiest way to get the current equivalent is to Google "4.99 gbp to usd" (e.g., for monthly subscriptions). You won't have to click through to another website, Google just gives you the answer.

4. Why do the angles come out wrong on the charts on your site?

They don't. This is due to entering incorrect data. You have to enter the birth time in UT on this site, which is stated on every page, and if you don't you will get the wrong chart. If you're not sure how to convert the time to UT, you could try casting the chart on first; their charts give you the UT as "Univ. Time" at the top. Note the date can also change sometimes in this conversion.

5. Do you do readings?

Sorry, I don't do readings at the moment.

6. FAQs to which the answer is no:

Can I hire you to do some programming?
Can you just do such-and-such for me?
Can I have a free subscription/reading?
Can I download this software to my PC?
Link exchange schemes