New Blog & List All

This is the new improved News page / blog, which will have public posts as well as the subscriber content.

I’m not exactly a prolific blogger, but when I have some actual useful information for you, this is where I’ll put it.

Also, we now have a new List All function, which lists the positions of all 19,135 named asteroids in zodiac order. Have wanted to do that for ages. Enjoy x

Mercury Shadow Approaching

Mercury enters shadow phase in just over a week (May 4th, the day of the Scorpio Full Moon) – in case there’s any stuff you want to get out of the way beforehand.

Enters shadow phase May 4th (4+ Gemini)
Stations retrograde May 19th (13+ Gemini)
Stations direct June 11th (4+ Gemini)
Leaves shadow phase June 27th (13+ Gemini)