Newly Named Asteroids Added (Subscribers)

The new asteroid names below have now been added to the site:

199 newly named minor planets (there are now 21,008 named minor planets):

(33448) Aaronyeiser Aaronyeiser
(33413) Alecsun Alecsun
(33450) Allender Allender
(33535) Alshaikh Alshaikh
(25742) Amandablanco Amandablanco
(33337) Amberyang Amberyang
(33562) Amydunphy Amydunphy

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Recently Named

These are the recently named objects which have now been added to the site. Each name is given twice, the first version being plain text and the second having any special characters. (32056) Abrarnadroo Abrarnadroo (236305) Adamriess Adamriess (31899) Adityamohan Adityamohan (32008) Adriangalad Adriángalád (21330) Alanwhitman Alanwhitman (22899) Alconrad Alconrad (296907) Alexander Alexander (31951) Alexisallen […]

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