Newly Named Asteroids Added (Subscribers)

The new asteroid names below have now been added to the site:

199 newly named minor planets (there are now 21,008 named minor planets):

(33448) Aaronyeiser Aaronyeiser
(33413) Alecsun Alecsun
(33450) Allender Allender
(33535) Alshaikh Alshaikh
(25742) Amandablanco Amandablanco
(33337) Amberyang Amberyang
(33562) Amydunphy Amydunphy

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Couple of new asteroid names including Freddiemercury

Names are given twice as per the MPC list.

(19695) Billnye Billnye
(21360) Bobduff Bobduff
(21361) Carsonmark Carsonmark
(269243) Charbonnel Charbonnel
(295473) Cochard Cochard
(130069) Danielgaudreau Danielgaudreau
(133861) Debrawilmer Debrawilmer
(17473) Freddiemercury Freddiemercury
(291633) Heyun Heyun
(12793) Hosinokokai Hosinokokai
(19711) Johnaligawesa Johnaligawesa
(178151) Kulangsu Kulangsu
(32298) Kunalshroff Kunalshroff
(291847) Ladoix Ladoix
(8368) Lamont Lamont
(283461) Leacipaola Leacipaola
(239105) Marcocattaneo Marcocattaneo
(156631) Margitan Margitan
(22454) Rosalylopes Rosalylopes
(22456) Salopek Salopek
(378214) Sauron Sauron
(301021) Sofiarodriguez Sofiarodriguez
(129811) Stacyoliver Stacyoliver
(22473) Stanleyhey Stanleyhey
(55854) Stoppani Stoppani
(19700) Teitelbaum Teitelbaum
(22494) Trillium Trillium
(262705) Vosne-Romanee Vosne-Romanee
(6086) Vrchlicky Vrchlicky

New Blog & List All

This is the new improved News page / blog, which will have public posts as well as the subscriber content.

I’m not exactly a prolific blogger, but when I have some actual useful information for you, this is where I’ll put it.

Also, we now have a new List All function, which lists the positions of all 19,135 named asteroids in zodiac order. Have wanted to do that for ages. Enjoy x