Subscribers – Newly Named Asteroids

32 newly named asteroids today – details in the news section of your homepage.

Also, I’ve added the recently-named TNOs, Manwe and Varda, to the main ephemeris page.

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All Asteroids Now Available

All 19,044 named minor planets are now available on the site (just use the Additional Objects option to specify the ones you want). A fair few asteroids were missing before. Hope that helps x

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2016 Aspectarians are Posted

Minor Planet Aspectarian 2016
This includes classical planets, all named centaurs & TNOs, dwarf planets, commonly used asteroids, galactic points, BML.

Minor Planet Aspects of the Moon 2016
Daily aspects of the Moon to the planets, dwarf planets, named centaurs, named TNOs, commonly used asteroids, Galactic Center and Great Attractor.

Standard Aspectarian 2016
Sun to Pluto, plus Chiron.

Standard Aspects of the Moon 2016
Sun to Pluto, plus Chiron.

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Aspectarian for Specific Dates

New page to make it easier to find aspectarian data without scrolling through everything:

It’s linked from the Aspectarians page and the Today page, if you’re looking for it later.

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Synastry / Composite Pages

I’ve fixed the synastry/transits page, which I took down a while ago because it wasn’t working for some dates (generally pre-1940), and it’s now available to subscribers. I’m working on the same for the composite program, which will be available soon.

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Due to the extra work involved, the aspectarian pages are now subscriber-only, and any new work I do for the site will also be for the subscriber side.

This enables me to cover the cost of the web hosting for the first time in ten years – yay :) (this site just doesn’t work on the average cheap hosting package – I’ve tried), and also to feel much happier about putting the work in.

Thank you very much to those of you who’ve subscribed, and made such kind comments, I’m very grateful to you.

Tracy x

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2014 Aspectarians Are Up – Standard & Minor Planet Versions

Minor Planet Aspectarian 2014
This includes the classical planets, all named Centaurs & TNOs, dwarf planets, commonly used asteroids, galactic points and Black Moon Lilith.

Minor Planet Aspects of the Moon 2014
Daily aspects of the Moon to the planets, dwarf planets, named centaurs, named TNOs, commonly used asteroids, Galactic Center and Great Attractor.

Standard Aspectarian 2014
Sun to Pluto, plus Chiron.

Standard Aspects of the Moon 2014
Sun to Pluto, plus Chiron.

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History of Jupiter in Pisces

Below are all the dates Jupiter was in Pisces since 1879, with a summary of its major aspects during each period, and various seemingly relevant events extracted from Wikipedia.

25th March 1879 – 2nd April 1880

Jupiter was opposite Uranus in Virgo (exact in March, September & December of 1879), having recently squared Pluto in Taurus (March 1st).

Electric light was a feature. The first light bulb of practical use was developed by Edison, who also demonstrated incandescent light for the first time, and the first ever electric street lights were installed in Wabash, Indiana. Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was born.

8th March 1891 – 16th March 1892

Jupiter was involved in a t-square; opposite Saturn and squaring Neptune & Pluto in Gemini. It also trined Uranus in Scorpio.

Many ships sank, with much loss of life. Viruses were discovered. J.R.R. Tolkien, Henry Miller and Cole Porter were born. Carnegie Hall opened. First long-distance transmission of Alternating Current (Gemini and Uranus). “Tobacco Protests” in Iran.

20th February 1903 – 1st March 1904

Jupiter again involved in a t-square, squaring Pluto in Gemini and Uranus in Sagittarius, three times. Also trined Neptune in Cancer once as it entered Pisces.

Several events re the U.S. taking control of the Panama Canal and Guantanamo Bay. Anais Nin, Bix Beiderbecke, Eliot Ness, Bing Crosby, Vincente Minelli and Bob Hope are born. Technological developments in travel, i.e., Ford’s first car, the original Ford Model A, and Orville’s first flight. The first “World Series.” Women’s Social and Political Union (suffragettes) founded in U.K. in October. The High Court of Australia sits for the first time. The Russian Social Democratic Labor Party splits into two groups; the Bolsheviks (Russian for “majority”) and Mensheviks (Russian for “minority”).

4th February 1915 – 12th February 1916

Jupiter conjoined Chiron in Pisces (exact in May and November). It also trined Pluto at 0° Cancer as it entered Pisces.

Middle of World War I. Pluto is photographed for the first time. Muddy Waters, Billie Holiday, Orson Welles, Saul Bellow, David Rockefeller, Ingrid Bergamn, Arthur Miller, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf are born. Norman Wisdom, a literal Jupiter-Chiron in Pisces, known for playing the sad clown in films, was born (Don’t Laugh At Me Cos I’m a Fool). Monet paints his Water Lilies. Onset of the Armenian Genocide. British and German forces get out of the trenches and play football in no-man’s land on Christmas Day. Franz Kafka’s Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis, The Fly etc) is first published in Germany. Theory of General Relativity published by Albert Einstein. Dadaism begins. Nobel Prizes for Peace and Medicine are not awarded.

18th January 1927 – 6th June 1927
11th September 1927 – 23rd January 1928

Jupiter squared Saturn in Sagittarius in February 1927. Jupiter was in Aries from June to September.

Werner Heisenberg formulates the Uncertainty Principle. First successful long-distance demonstration of television (Bell Telephone Co. transmit an image of Hoover). Pope Benedict XVI, Sidney Poitier, Cesar Chavez, Coretta Scott King, Peter Falk, Roger Moore, George C. Scott, Steve Ditko were born. The Great Mississippi flood affects 700,000 people. To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf; themes of subjectivity and the problem of perception. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded in the U.S (Academy Awards). Charles Lindbergh makes first non-stop solo trans-atlantic flight in his plane the Spirit of St Louis. CBS goes on the air with 47 radio stations. The Jazz Singer, the first feature-length “talkie” opens in the U.S. (end of silent film era). 1,600 people are hospitalized in London after hurting themselves on the icy streets (watery square to Saturn). Show Boat opens on Broadway. The BBC was established as a public corporation by Royal Charter. In Britain, 1,000 people a week die from an influenza epidemic. The River Thames floods in London killing 14 people.

14th May 1938 – 11th May 1939
30th October 1939 – 20th December 1939

Jupiter opposed Neptune in Virgo in April 1939, trined Chiron in early Cancer twice, and trined Pluto at 29+ Cancer as it left Pisces in May. No major aspects in the second period. Jupiter was in Aries in the interlude.

Tail-end of Great Depression. Run-up to and start of World War II, which finally breaks out in September 1939 while Jupiter is temporarily in Aries. Neville Chamberlain’s famous “peace in our time” announcement. In 1938 Adolf Hitler is Time magazine’s “man of the year.” These are just a couple of examples of the world’s state of  denial in the run up to the second world war. Spanish Civil War ends in 1939. Premiere of the longest U.S. film ever made (at that time), Gone With The Wind. Superman and Batman first appear in comics. The “world’s first oceanarium,” Marineland, opens in Florida. Orson Welles’ adaptation of War of the Worlds is broadcast on the radio, causing panic. A coelanth, thought to be a long extinct fish, is caught. Mohandas Gandhi begins to fast in protest of autocratic rule in India.

15th April 1950 – 15th September 1950
1st December 1950 – 21st April 1951

Jupiter trined Uranus in Cancer in April and July of 1950, and January of 1951. It retrograded back into Aquarius in between.

Beginning of “The Golden Age of Television” (1950’s and 60’s in the U.S. and U.K.). L. Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics (beginnings of Scientology). In South Africa, the Group Areas Act is passed, formally segregating races. Jordan formally annexes the West Bank. Peter Frampton, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, Huey Lewis, Richard Branson and Dr Phil McGraw were born. The Office of Defense Mobilization is established in the United States. Mount Etna erupts in Sicily. The new United Nations headquarters officially opens in New York City.

25th March 1962 – 4th April 1963

Jupiter repeatedly opposed Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, while also conjoining Chiron in Pisces. It also trined Neptune in Scorpio three times.

J.F.K. is U.S. President. Vietnam War ongoing. Cuban Missile Crisis. Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is released, giving rise to the modern environmentalist movement. The publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique launches the reawakening of the Women’s Movement in the United States. Female suffrage is enacted in Iran. A Clockwork Orange is published. The United Nations passes a resolution condemning South Africa’s apartheid policy. Tom Cruise, M.C. Hammer, Joan Cusack, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Quentin Tarantino were born. Marilyn Monroe died. Steve Ditko was born with Jupiter in Pisces in 1927, and his character Spider-man is now “born” under the same placement, in a Marvel comic entitled Amazing Fantasy #15. The Hulk also debuts with The Incredible Hulk #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. West Side Story wins Best Picture. David Lean’s epic film Lawrence of Arabia premieres. Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin become the only apparently successful escapees from Alcatraz. The United States Supreme Court rules that mandatory prayers in public schools are unconstitutional. John F. Kennedy delivers his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. The first Wal-mart and Target stores open. The Rolling Stones make their debut at London’s Marquee Club. The Beatles release their first single, Love Me Do, and first album, Please Please Me. A locust swarm threatens New Delhi. Telstar relays the first live trans-Atlantic television signal. An agreement is signed between Britain and France to develop Concorde. U.S. spacecraft Mariner 2 flies by Venus, becoming the first probe to successfully transmit data from another planet.

8th March 1974 – 18th March 1975

Jupiter squared Neptune in Sagittarius three times, and trined Saturn in Cancer twice.

Cold War and Northern Ireland “Troubles” are ongoing. The Pioneer 11 probe passes Jupiter and captures famous images of the Great red spot. Impeachment of Richard Nixon. Watergate. Alanis Morissette, Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Seacrest, Drew Barrymore were born. A Japanese soldier from World War II surrenders in the Philippines. The Super Outbreak, the largest series of tornadoes in history, hits 13 U.S. states and one Canadian province. ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Waterloo. Stephen King publishes his first novel, Carrie. The Warsaw radio mast is completed, the tallest structure ever built (it collapses on August 8, 1991). The Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time, to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum. Juan Peron, President of Argentina, dies and is succeeded by his wife, Vice President Isabel Peron (the first female head of state in South America). The Rumble in the Jungle – Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Lord Lucan disappears. The Milgram Experiment (about responses to perceived authority figures) is published. Wheel of Fortune premieres. Margaret Thatcher becomes leader of UK Conservative Party. The Rocky Horror Show opens on Broadway. Vietnam War: South Vietnam President orders the Central Highlands evacuated; this turns into a mass exodus involving troops and civilians (the Convoy of Tears).

20th February 1986 – 2nd March 1987

Jupiter squares both Chiron in Gemini and Uranus in Sagittarius three times – they form a t-square once around August 1986. Jupiter also forms a t-square with Chiron in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius in April 1986.

Mid Reagan/Thatcher years. In Ukraine, one of the reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear plant explodes, creating the world’s worst nuclear disaster. The Iran-Contra Affair. The United States Senate allows its debates to be televised on a trial basis. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is assassinated on his way home from the cinema. The first paper is published describing the Atomic force microscope. United States Navy divers find the crew compartment of the Space Shuttle Challenger; the bodies of all seven astronauts are still inside. An article in the New York Times charges that Kurt Waldheim, former United Nations Secretary General and candidate for president of Austria, may have been involved in Nazi war crimes. Pope John Paul II officially visits the Synagogue of Rome, the first time a modern Pope has visited a synagogue. Hailstones weighing 2.2 lb (1 kg) fall on the Gopalganj district of Bangladesh, killing 92. John McCarthy and Terry Waite are kidnapped in Beirut. Hands Across America: At least 5,000,000 people form a human chain from New York City to Long Beach, California, to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness. Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” in FIFA World Cup. The Big Bang in the London Stock Exchange abolishes fixed commission charges, paving the way for electronic trading. Supernova 1987A, the first “naked-eye” supernova since 1604, is observed. Charlotte Church, Lady Gaga, Usain Bolt and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born.

4th February 1998 – 13th February 1999

Jupiter squared Pluto in Sagittarius in March 1998, and trined Chiron in Scorpio (April and October).

John Hume and David Trimble win Nobel Peace Prize. Good Friday Agreement: the Belfast Agreement is signed between the Irish and British governments and most Northern Ireland political parties, with the notable exception of the Democratic Unionist Party. Monica Lewinsky Scandal and attempted impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Voters in Maine repeal a gay rights law passed in 1997, becoming the first U.S. state to abandon such a law. Iraq Disarmament Crisis. Florida El Niño Outbreak: Tornadoes in central Florida destroy or damage 2,600 structures and kill 42. Data sent from the Galileo probe indicates that Jupiter’s moon Europa has a liquid ocean under a thick crust of ice. Natascha Kampusch is abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil (she remains in his captivity until August 2006). The film Titanic wins 11 Oscars. The Food and Drug Administration approves Viagra for use as a treatment for male impotence. Catholic priests’ sex abuse scandal: The Diocese of Dallas agrees to pay $23.4 million to 9 former altar boys. At a conference in Rome, 120 countries vote to create a permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Google was founded. Sky satellite television launches in the UK.

18th January 2010 – 6th June 2010
9th September 2010 – 22nd January 2011

Jupiter opposes Saturn (which has retrograded into Virgo) in May 2010, and then conjoins Uranus in Pisces in September and January of the second period. It’s in Aries in between. Chiron is also in Pisces from 20th April to 20th July 2010 (before retrograding back into Aquarius ’til February), but it makes no conjunction with Jupiter. The last conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces was in 1334 (thirteen thirty-four), the next will be in 2093.

13th May 2021 – 28th July 2021
29th December 2021 – 10th May 2022
28th October 2022 – 20th December 2022

Jupiter conjoins Neptune in Pisces in April 2022. Jupiter is in Aquarius during the first interlude, and Aries during the second.

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Mercury Retrograde – Trick of Perception

On the personal level, retrograde planets are sometimes said to “internalise” the action of a planet, i.e., make it more yin, receptive, inward-looking, e.g., Mercury retrograde might listen more than speak. Perception is an internal process which seems appropriately represented by Mercury retrograde, and earthy Capricorn, a big fan of the tangible, seems an ideal place to touch and feel things. Mercury retrograde is a fine time for a short journey inward …

If I see an object in front of me, it means that certain neurons have fired in a particular way, and my brain has constructed an image based on that data. The process of seeing has happened entirely inside my own head, and consists solely of chemical reactions in my own nervous system. It seems unreasonable to assume that the resulting mirage in my mind should bear much relationship to “external reality.” The assumption that it does is sometimes known as Naive Realism. The same applies to all the other senses; sensory perceptions are only a factor of the perceptive apparatus that generates them; a tree that falls when no-one’s around doesn’t make a sound because sounds are generated by ears not trees.

By this logic, we can’t verify that anything we perceive exists outside of our own imagination. We can’t verify that it doesn’t either. In other words, we “know” pretty much nothing. Mercury, the Trickster, usually amply demonstrates this fact for us during his retrogrades.

Astrology is said to originate from Hermeticism, a non-dual philosophy where the mind (Mercury) is considered to be the cause of all imagined duality – hence its sign Gemini, the twins. Everything the mind can conceive has an opposite, and therefore each side of an opposition creates and necessitates the other; either both or neither can be, because essentially they’re the two ends of the same stick. This is why it isn’t possible to be e.g., happy all the time; happiness is a concept which simultaneously gives birth to its opposite concept, unhappiness. The two are twins, born at the same time, creators of each other; we can only take both or neither, because they’re one thing, and this applies to all mental concepts.

It’s said that “beyond the mind” (inwards) where Mercury by definition cannot go, is the peace which has no opposite, and this is often described as rock-like, and as the only thing that is in fact real (Capricorn).

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Mean and True Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is usually defined as the apogee of the lunar orbit. I.e., the Moon moves around the Earth in an ellipse shaped orbit, and the apogee is the point where the Moon is farthest from Earth. The position of the apogee can be calculated as “Mean” or “True.”

Mean and True Apogees

The Mean and True positions are based on two different estimations of the Moon’s current orbit. Neither can exactly be said to be right or wrong, because at the moment you request the position of the Moon’s apogee, the Moon is simply where it is, and projecting where it would be if it was at apogee is hypothetical whatever formula you use.

What the Moon Really Does

The Moon does not orbit about the centre of the Earth. The Earth and Moon work as a two-body system, both spinning around their common centre of gravity. This centre-of-gravity point, about which they both turn, is called the Earth-Moon Barycenter. The barycenter is within the Earth, about 4,700 km from its centre. Therefore the Earth wobbles around this off-centre point within itself, and the Moon also orbits the same point. You can see a good animation of it here.

A “pure,” undisturbed orbit of a body about a point would be ellipse-shaped (see Kepler’s work). In practice, the Moon experiences stronger gravitational pull from the Sun than it does from the Earth, and this disturbs its orbit a lot, as does pull from other bodies in the solar system. The result is a lunar orbit which looks like an ellipse drawn with a wavy, wobbly line.

The Mean Orbit

The Mean Lunar Orbit is an attempt to even out the wobbly line into a nice smooth ellipse, by averaging out the Moon’s positions over time. Having done that, we can determine where the apogee of the mean orbit is, and that would be the Mean Lunar Apogee, or Mean Black Moon.

Swiss Ephemeris and others normally calculate this mean lunar orbit using the formula derived by Chapront, Chapront-Touzé and Francou of the Observatoire de Paris.

The “True” or Osculating Orbit

The “true” (a.k.a. osculating) orbit is a calculated, hypothetical orbit based on a momentary snapshot in time. You take the exact current position, speed, angle etc. of the Moon (i.e., the orbital elements), and apply Kepler’s formula to that data. This calculates the path that a pure elliptical orbit continuing from that point would take.

Because the Moon wobbles around all over the place, and this orbit is based on a snapshot, the apogee of this orbit can be far away from the Mean Apogee. It can also be far from anywhere the apogee is likely to be in the near future. Yet this point is known as the True, or Osculating, Lunar Apogee — True Black Moon.

Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion are here.

Astrologers seem to like to argue about which point is best, but I think the thing is to understand what each of them are, so you can apply the astronomical symbolism to your own observations of how the points work in charts.

Other Notes

The point opposite Black Moon Lilith (i.e., the Lunar Perigee) is sometimes known as Priapus, “a minor rustic fertility god of purely phallic character.”

Some astrologers view the Black Moon as being not the apogee of the elliptical orbit, but the empty focus of the ellipse.

I.e., the Earth is inside the Moon’s elliptical orbit towards one end. The other end, where the Earth is not, is the empty focal point of the ellipse.

In practice, the Apogee and the Empty Focus can be thought of as being in the same place on the chart, but the difference in symbolism can be relevant.

Further Reading

Juan Revilla gives a thorough and detailed technical explanation here.

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